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All our Tours

Come and discover Terceira Island in a totally different way! See here all the Tours we have available for you

Jeep Tours

Our Tours are all completely personalised to meet your needs and wants.

The journey is made comfortably in jeeps properly equipped for the purpose and capable of taking you to places you never imagined existed.

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Van Tours

Come and discover the charms of Terceira Island.

Our Tours are done comfortably in a Mercedes-Benz Vito van. Come and discover new perspectives, unusual scenarios in Terceira Island and hidden places that are not included in the usual tourist routes.

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Walk with us and breathe and enjoy the nature of the Azores

We provide unforgettable experiences! Our Track Tours are all 100% personalized to satisfy your taste.

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Other Tours

The best of both worlds

Our Tours and our fleet are not only made of jeeps. Discover some different tours, both on land and at sea!

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Personalize a Tour

Take your own tour

Already know the places on the island you’d like to visit and want a personalised tour? Fill in the form below with the places you’d like to visit and we’ll quote you a price for the tour!

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Learn more about Terceira Island and
the tours in our blog!

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