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4 best activities to do with friends on Terceira

Terceira is a great destination to visit with friends. The truth is that there are many activities to do and create unforgettable memories in the most stunning places that the Azores has to offer. So, here are the 4 best activities to do with friends in Terceira.


1. Jeep tours

First of all, one of the most exciting activities you can try is to get to know the island inside a jeep. This way, you will live moments of pure adrenaline in an off-road vehicle in a comfortable and safe way. When booking with Pro Island Tour you will be able to cross secondary roads that are not part of the touristic routes and get to know Terceira island in a more interesting and radical way. In addition, most of the tours include a lunch with traditional dishes and several drinks.


2. Whale & Dolphin Watching

Next, one of the most remarkable experiences you can have in the Azores is whale and dolphin watching. In fact, this archipelago is one of the largest whale sanctuaries in the world, and it is possible to spot more than 20 different types of cetaceans in its waters. So, by booking this activity with your friends you will be able to have the most magical experience during your trip.


3. Chambre Rock Trail

Moreover, if you are looking for a more immersive way to get to know Terceira island, there is nothing like walking through its most magical and natural trails. In this sense, one of the most breathtaking trails is Rocha do Chambre. For about 9 kilometres you will be able to contemplate the imposing landscape over the Natural Reserve from the top of Rocha do Chambre. This trail lasts about 2h30 and you can book it with a Pro Island Tour guide. This way you will be sure to do the trail the right way and also get to know more details and curiosities about the island and its biodiversity.


4. Gastronomic experiences

Finally, an excellent way to spend time with friends and learn more about the island is through a gastronomic experience. For this, you can book Pro Island Tour’s Wines & Moonshines Tour, where you will be served a barbecue lunch outdoors with local food and drinks, such as cheeses, wines and brandies. You will also be able to visit the area where the “verdelho” wines are produced, while getting to know the interior of the island.


So, have you chosen the ideal activity to do with your friends on Terceira island? For more details and information, please contact Pro Island Tour!