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Impressive caves to visit on the island of Terceira

If you are planning to visit Terceira, you cannot miss its wonderful geological manifestations. In fact, this island is very rich from a scientific point of view, containing unique landscapes and experiences. Therefore, the best thing is to see it with your own eyes. So, meet here 3 impressive caves to visit on Terceira island.


1. Algar do Carvão

First of all, Algar do Carvão is one of the biggest attractions of the island, which you cannot miss. In a few words, it is an old volcano and lava tube, which can be visited right in the centre of Terceira.

First of all, it is important to know that this is the only place in the world where you can enter a volcano and descend its volcanic chimney. This way, you will be able to explore the interior of this moss-covered volcano, in a magical and dazzling atmosphere.

You should bring comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear for your visit. It is also advisable to wear a hooded jacket to protect yourself from the drops that fall inside the cave. This will certainly be a memorable visit.


2. Cave of Christmas

Next, this cave is very close to Algar do Carvão and is known for holding Catholic Christmas masses in this place. In short, this cave is nothing more than a system of lava tubes that were created from openings in which lava passed from inside to outside the volcano.

To make your visit go smoothly, you should also go equipped for an uneven floor and low ceilings.


3. Furnas do Enxofre

Although not exactly a cave, the Furnas do Enxofre are an extremely important geological (and volcanic) manifestation. Therefore, we could not remain without mentioning this place.

Just like the famous Furnas on the island of São Miguel, these are openings in the earth from which a sulphur smell comes out. Walking through this place will certainly give you a different experience, surrounded by a green and relaxing landscape.


So, have you already planned your trip? If you want to make a tour to the caves of Terceira island, please contact Pro Island Tour. We design tours in a personalized way so that our customers leave our island completely satisfied. Find out more on our website!