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5 typical dishes of Terceira island that you must try

Are you travelling to Terceira and all you can think about is tidbits? Then, here you will get to know some of the most characteristic dishes and snacks of Terceira’s tradition (and get your mouth watering). The truth is that insularity has shaped the way of life of its inhabitants, but also the way of cooking. Therefore, here you will find innovative flavours to eat and cry for more.


1. Vaquinha Cheese

On an island where there are almost more cows than inhabitants, Vaquinha Cheese is a “must”. Originating on the island of Terceira, this cheese has a fresh, spicy aroma with bits of wild berries. It is ideal as a snack or even to combine with other dishes.


2. Torresmos de Cabinho

Whether eaten as a snack or as a main dish, Torresmos de Cabinho is a delicacy that you can’t miss. In a nutshell, these greaves are made with the fattiest part of the pork ribs and are cooked very slowly.


3. Rump

This is one of the most famous dishes of Terceira’s gastronomy. This meat dish arrives at the table in hot pans and is surrounded by a sauce flavoured with local spices.


4. Boca Negra

In an area surrounded by sea, fish cannot be missing! Therefore, a good fresh fish cannot be missing in your table. Boca Negra fish is highly recommended and can be found in many restaurants on the island.


5. Queijadas D. Amélia

Next, this is one of the most famous desserts on the island. D. Amélia cheesecakes are named after the queen of the same name who was born in 1901 and passed through the island at that time. In terms of flavours, the most notable are the aroma of walnut and nutmeg.


6. Verdelho Wine

Finally, a good dish should be accompanied by a good wine. So, let yourself be dazzled by the flavours of the most traditional and oldest grape variety in the Azores: Verdelho.


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