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4 trails to enjoy the beauty of Terceira Island

Some people say that the best way to get to know a place is walking. So, if you’re visiting Terceira, there are several trails that you should walk. This way, you will be able to get to know the specific biodiversity of this island up close, making direct contact with nature. So, get to know 4 trails here to enjoy the beauty of Terceira island!


1. Rocha do Chambre Trail

First of all, the trail Rocha do Chambre is perfect for those who are interested in seeing the almost untouched endemic forest of the Azores. On this 8.8 kilometre trail you will get to know the interior of the island of Terceira and all its charms. Besides its natural landscape, you will also pass through some cattle grazing areas!


2. Misterios Negros Trail

If you prefer a peculiar circular trail, the Mistérios Negros trail is ideal for you! Along this trail you will be able to observe the black coloured trachyte domes, which give this trail its name. These domes were formed due to the accumulation of lava, given the volcanic eruption of 1761. In addition, you will also be able to see a good variety of endemic vegetation along the 5 kilometre walk.


3. Whalers Bay Trail

In addition, if you prefer a shorter route, the Baia dos Baleeiros trail is suitable. With a length of 4 kilometres, this trail is integrated in a protected area for the management of habitats and species – also classified as a Special Area of Conservation. Thus, this is a route on the north coast of the island and connects the parishes of Agualva and Quatro Ribeiras.


4. Lagoinha Trail

Lastly, we suggest the Lagoinha trail, which stretches for 7 kilometres. This is a circular trail, known for its stony and yellow coloured ground. Along this path you can see obsidian, which are black semi-precious stones used in jewellery. Then, in the magical surroundings of nature, you will be able to hear blackbirds and pigeons, as well as observe ferns, mushrooms and mosses.


So, which trail will you do first? In order for you to do it safely, ask a guide at Pro Island Tour! Our tours are 100% personalized according to the tastes and needs of each one. Contact us!