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Top 5 viewpoints on Terceira Island

Terceira is, in fact, a stunning destination, mainly due to its biodiversity. Besides the beauty of its natural landscapes, this island also has a unique and surprising heritage. Whether for the colours of the houses, the landscaped gardens, the fortresses or the view to the Atlantic, this is a destination that you cannot miss. Discover here the top 5 viewpoints on Terceira island.


1. Serra do Cume Viewpoint

First of all, this viewpoint offers a view of a large plain in the interior of the island, showing land separated from each other. In that sense, many dub this viewpoint a “patchwork”. Besides the view being fascinating and opportune for amazing photographs, know that this place was once a military checkpoint during World War II!


2. Cruz do Canário Viewpoint

Secondly, the Cruz do Canário Viewpoint is another place that deserves a visit. Besides being able to see the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic, you can also see the Ilhéus das Cabras. In case you don’t know what these are, they are two volcanic islets where some species of birds nest, like the shearwater.


3. Alto da Memória Viewpoint

This belvedere provides a panoramic view over the historic centre of Angra do Heroísmo. The Alto da Memória Viewpoint is located at the top of the Duque da Terceira Garden, where the Obelisk of Memory can be found. In a few words, it is a monument built in honour of King D. Pedro IV during his visit to Terceira.


4. Pico do Facho Belvedere

Besides visiting the three viewpoints mentioned above, you must also make time for Pico do Facho. First of all, its name has to do with the fact that in this place a bonfire was kept for many years as a lighthouse. This bonfire served as a warning for navigation and was lit every night. Nowadays it is a great contemplation point and also allows a glimpse of the aforementioned Ilhéu das Cabras.


5. Ponta do Queimado Viewpoint

Finally, the Ponta do Queimado Viewpoint is the westernmost place in Terceira Island. In a few words, this promontory was born from an eruption of the volcano of the Serra de Santa Bárbara in 1761. Over the years, the volcanic landscape was conquered by vegetation and, today, the view is fascinating.


Which viewpoints will you visit? All of them? If you wish to visit the island of Terceira in the company of a guide, namely inside a jeep, get to know the activities of Pro Island Tour! We will show you Terceira island from several perspectives, with quality and safety.