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Whale watching in the Azores: when is the best time?

First of all, the truth is that the Azores are very sought after for adventure holidays in nature. In this sense, whale watching is one of the most sought after activities, since this is one of the best destinations to do so. Therefore, for those who like to watch whales and dolphins, the Azores are paradise. So, here you will get to know the types of cetaceans that pass through the Azores and the best time to spot them!


What kind of cetaceans can be sighted in the Azores?

First of all, every year there are 28 species of cetaceans that travel through the waters of the Azores. In fact, this ecosystem is so exceptional that a third of the whales that exist in the world pass through here! So, the most common cetacean species in the region, with regular sightings, are:

Sei whales;
Minke Whales
Bryde’s whales;
Several species of beaked whales;
Pilot whales
Bottlenose dolphins;
Bottlenose dolphins;
Common, striped and spotted dolphins.


What is the best time to go whale watching in the Azores?

If you are thinking of travelling to the Azores to watch cetaceans, the best time depends on the species you want to see and your personal taste. The truth is that it is possible to watch cetaceans all year round, although at certain times it is more frequent.

Therefore, it is in spring that the largest animals on the planet are most frequently sighted, that is, blue whales, common whales and other humpback whales. In addition, sperm whales can also be observed in this region throughout the year, although it is more frequent in summer.

Furthermore, for spotted dolphin enthusiasts, autumn is a good time for sightings. While the temperature of the sea water remains warm, these animals stay in this region and only leave when the temperature drops.

In winter, although it is possible to see some species of cetaceans, the observation depends on the weather conditions.


In conclusion, whale and dolphin sightings are possible all year round, but more frequently in spring and summer. However, during high season there is more movement of people, something that not everyone appreciates, preferring a more private environment. Regardless of this, clear your doubts with Pro Island Tour and book your experience on Terceira island! You won’t regret it.